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Friends . . . Welcome to and do you have a friend(s) that take themselves too seriously?

Parents . . . Do you and others take the soccer game too seriously?

Coaches . . . Do you see parents and players being too aggressive about the game?

Players . . . Would it be nice just to have fun playing the game without the pressures from everyone?

Employees . . . Wouldn't it be nice to have a little fun at work?

Well, our Friends are always telling us we love your slogan #1 Rule Have fun ®. It's more than just merchandise; it's a message of cheerfulness, and one that says don't take yourself too seriously. #1 Rule Have Fun ® is truly meant to promote positive and optimistic thinking throughout the world: with a fullline of men's and women's clothing ranging from to t-shirts, and lifestyle products. As one customer putit, ". . . #1 Rule Have Fun ® sure says it all, in these often crazy times and our hectic lives, it sure is goodto be reminded to have fun. . ."